Black hair swirling upwards, a face awash in gradients of the rainbow peers at the viewer with a slight smile, framed by her large, clear glasses and light blue bed sheets.

Yidan Zeng (曽一丹) is an intimacy investigator currently wandering/wondering through Philadelphia. Stitching together participatory performance and textiles, she weaves webs with no center.

She's been a Textile Arts Center artist-in-residence (2020), a Create Change Fellow with The Laundromat Project (2018), a visiting glass artist at The University of Hawai'i in Mānoa (2018), and a recipient of the Queens Arts Intervention Grant (2019). She’s performed in Sibiu, Romania, Providence, RI, Miami, FL, and on and off the streets of NYC. Yidan received her BA and BFA from the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Glass.

emailinstaPhoto credit: June Cheung